Collection: Scenery Postcard Souvenirs

Much like our National Treasures collection, these postcards focus on scenic locations but also depict beautiful images from Haiti. 

Whether you are traveling, receiving a souvenir, or have a collection of your own, postcards are wonderful keepsakes that show you stunning locations all over the world. We enjoy having the chance to show you some of the most scenic locations in Haiti by using postcards as a Haitian art form. You don’t have to travel somewhere to appreciate the beauty of postcards. A Haitian postcard could start a history lesson or even encourage you to plan a trip to the gorgeous island. Either way, they’re wonderful additions to any art collection. Browse our Scenery Postcard Souvenir collection now!

Our virtual gallery has a large variety of Haitian art produced by hundreds of artisans. Our inventory has a tendency to rotate rather quickly, so if there is a piece you’re particularly interested in, don’t hesitate to reach out about it – it could be gone by the next time you visit our gallery. We are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions. Please leave us comments and feedback about any of our collections. We love hearing from you.