Georges Desarmes (Haitian, b. 1950) "Interior Scene" Framed Oil on Canvas Painting 24"h X 32"w #1GSN-NY

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A framed 24"x32" oil on canvas painting of the interior of a tiny apartment signed by the famous Haitian painter Georges Desarmes. This artwork belongs to the private collection of Georges S. Nader and is sold as-is.

About this artist

Born in Port-au-Prince on January 27, 1950, Desarmes began painting at the age of 19 under his original name, Yves Michaud. His two names each embody a different art style: Yves Michaud focuses on the social situation of Haiti and paints realistic human figures, while Georges Desarmes focuses on marine scenes, the home, and still life. Yves began painting as Desarmes as it became easier and freer for him to paint something that is accessible to a broader audience. He describes that it is not difficult for him to switch between Yves Michaud and George Desarmes while painting because he is still the same person—he simply channels different emotions and inspirations into his paintings.

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