Raymonde Talleyrand 24"x20" Jean-Jacques Dessalines "Live Free or Die" 2020 Acrylic on Canvas #30TR

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The artist wanted to introduce in this historical painting our ancestor with grandeur and force. Powerful and free in his familiar tropical environment, Dessalines is proud to show the Palm tree, symbol of freedom with the "bonnet Phrygien". One of Haiti's Independence Heroes, he was born on Sept 20, 1758 at Grande Riviere du Nord, Haiti, sold on Jan1, 1788 to become a free African man, known by the name of Dessalines. Jan 1, 1799, Dessalines acquired the rank of Brigadier General in Louverture Army. June 7, 1802, he assumed the post of Commander in Chief of the Haitian Army, causing a major turning point in the revolution. Jan. 1st 1804, he officially announced the colony's independence and renamed it Haiti. Oct.8 1804, coronation as emperor.

About this artist

Haitian-American female artist, Raymonde Talleyrand was born in Haiti in 1942. Many of her paintings have been sold in USA, Canada, Mexico, and Haiti. She also studied the technique of “Decorative Paintings”, practicing her craft on paper, Fabric, glass, and leather. This knowledge gives her the possibility to be a home decorator. Today,  her involvement with the” Wellington Art Society” is to grow and serve her community while expressing her skills doing portraits, florals, figurines or landscapes. Her art is versatile, prolific with strong lights and shadows.
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