Henri-Robert Bresil (1952-1999) 24"x32" Green Landscape, River & Peasants 1980s Oil on Canvas Framed Painting #1MES

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Henri-Robert Bresil, the late Haitian master painter, signed this unique framed painting depicting a green landscape with peasants by a river. It is a 24"x 32" oil on canvas painting sold in good condition from a private collector in Florida, where it will be shipped. Our gallery will provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon purchase.

About this artist

Born in Gonaives, Haiti, Henri-Robert Brésil discovered his love for art early and was always fascinated by flamingoes and landscapes, which explains his unique style. He won the Ispan-Unesco prize in 1981. His work has been exhibited in Haiti, the US, Puerto Rico, France, Italy, and Switzerland and has received recognition from the New York Times and the Miami Herald. His name is cited in major Haitian art books. Paintings by Bresil are highly imitated; therefore, we strongly recommend that you know your source before buying one elsewhere!

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