Gerard Fortune 24"x20" Singing Dog Acrylic on Canvas #4-2-95MFN

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BUY NOW this original, naive painting duly signed by Haitian artist, GERARD (Gerard Fortune). It depicts a standing dog singing with a micro in its hand., and it's a 24"x20" acrylic painted on canvas. This beautiful and rare piece belongs to the collection of Myriam F. Nader.

About this artist

Gerard Fortune was born in 1925 and started to paint in 1978. He is a houngan, pastry chef, and painter whose art talent flourished with the recognition of his talent by the author Selden Rodman in his book " Where Art Is Joy". His work has been internationally exhibited and belongs to the permanent collection of the Waterloo Museum of Art in Iowa and the Ramapo College in New Jersey. 

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