Collection: Raymond Duvivier (Haitian, b.1935)

Raymond Duvivier was born on January 5, 1935, or 1937 in Haiti. As a child, he drew and painted without instruction. This he continued through Lycee Toussaint Louverture School, where he won first prize for his drawings. Taught by Mr. Domingue, and later armed with a four-year scholarship to the Centre d’Aret in 1953, he worked under the direction of Dewitt Peters and Mr. Monosiet. In 1957 he went on his own, receiving recognition locally from the National Office of Tourism and a prize in an exhibition in Dakar. He has been exhibited locally and in the U.S. (Source: Haiti Voodoo Kingdom to Modern Riviera by John Allen Franciscus)

  • Raymond Duvivier 30"x22" Vase of Flowers 1969 Oil on canvas #1-2-95MFN

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