Collection: Fritz Merise (Haitian, b.1946)

Fritz Merise was born on August 27, 1946, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He discovered his passion for art at an early age and in fact, he taught himself how to paint until he did his first complete painting while in high school. Fritz mainly painted animals, landscapes, and jungles. Most of his work was done using bright and vivid colors. He used acrylic on canvas for his painting. Merise’s work was full of creativity, humor, and imagery because he gave animals the character of human beings which were exaggerated.  Fritz Merise's works are found in exhibitions in the U.S, Caribbean, Japan, and Europe. - His art is cited in major Haitian art books, namely, Haitian painting Art & Kitsch by Eva Pataki, Haiti Voodoo Kingdom to Modern Riviera by John Allen Franciscus, Peintres Haitiens by Gérald Alexis. Sadly, after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, Merise has stopped painting due to paralysis.