Collection: Alexandre Gregoire (Haitian, 1922-2001)

 Alexandre Grégoire was born in Jacmel, Haiti on August 29, 1922, and died in 2001.  He typically depicted Vodou's scenes, daily life, and historical events in the naïve style. Grégoire was educated from 1930 to 1937 by the Christian Teaching Brothers and then studied cabinet making at the Jacmel vocational school for two years. In 1939 he joined the army and played the tuba and saxophone in the army band. He stayed in the military until the 1950s; during Paul Magloire's presidency, he left the army and joined the National Palace band. In 1968, with the encouragement of his friends Préfète Duffaut and Pierre-Joseph Valcin and the Centre d'Art in Port-au-Prince, Grégoire began painting. Please scroll down to make your selection (s)!