Collection: Rouby Jeanty (Haitian-American, b.1968-2020)

Rouby Jeanty is an international artist whose work have been exhibited in several art galleries in the USA and abroad. His art is a revelation of unique captivations of his insights to incorporate the use of fabric. His technique of combining the fabric to a canvas and insulating it with glues and hot wax for preservation makes his artwork unique. Rouby is a man of few words. His paintings capture his past and give us a glimpse into his future. Rouby wants you to listen to yourself as you approach his artwork. He wants you to extract from within the subject of the painting what encapsulate his soul. His artwork is the epitome of his native culture, heritage, artistic philosophy, and educational experience. He travels into his creative mind transposing artistic subject to a canvas. He wants you to take the very essence of his artwork and transport what you see, a complete work of art to your homes where “art scapes.” Rouby Jeanty’s works are in the collection of Wyclef Jean, the Waterloo Museum, and the Fondo-del-Sol Museum just to name a few. Rouby sadly passed away on April 18, 2020.

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