Collection: Rose-Marie Lebrun (Haitian, 1947-2019)

Rose-Marie Lebrun was born in Pétion-Ville, Haiti on November 8, 1947. She attended primary school at the Salesian nunnery in her native town. At College Classique in Port-au-Prince, she furthered her secondary studies. She developed a passion for art early in her teenage life with a particular inclination towards cosmetics. She harnessed her skills as a beautician while working part-time at El Rancho Hotel's beauty salon. She was then only sixteen. She traveled to Paris six years later and attended l'Oréal Beauty school. Upon her graduation and return to Haiti, she opened her beauty salon in Pétion-Ville. STUDIO 95 became the hallmark of her entrepreneurial spirit indeed. Later on, in her early forties, Rose-Marie took lessons in fine arts, drawing, and paintings. She explored the means of decorating and crafting draperies painting on silverware, bottles, and canvas. She had been drawn towards both the abstract and realism styles. Her artistic talents were furthered into custom jewelry. Even during ailments or sickness in her later years, she found the inspiration and strength to achieve impressive art pieces on various media. On May 30, 2019, the multi-talented Rose-Marie Lebrun gave her last breath.

A beautiful hand-painted bottle collection on recycled glass by the late-known Haitian artist Rose-Marie Lebrun to add to your collection. The perfect gift for all occasions!