Collection: Elie Lescot (Haitian, b.1961)

The grandson of a former president with the same namesake Elie Lescot was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1961. Elie started showing interest in drawing at the tender age of eight. At eleven, the precocious artist became the apprentice of Raoul Viard, a well-known Haitian artist. Soon after, Viard realized his young pupil's natural talent and artistic abilities, guiding him during the first few attempts at mastering painting. Sponsored by the German-Haitian Institute, Elie Lescot had his first exhibit at the age of fourteen. Later, Elie joined the academy of fine art in Port-au-Prince, where he befriended famous Haitian artists such as Rose-Marie Des Ruisseaux, Raoul Dupoux, and Jean-René Jérôme. Lescot proclaims that the women in his paintings are either angels, a divine spirit from Ethiopia, or an Egyptian goddess whose beauty and grace are worthy of admiration. Lately, Lescot has embarked on a new challenge, painting still life, mainly tropical fruits like coconuts, in a hyperrealistic genre adding his signature glowing detail that elevates his executions to an iconographic dimension. 


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