Collection: Ronald Mevs (Haitian, b.1945)

Born in Port-au-Prince in 1945, Ronald Mevs is a master of many media, including printmaking and acrylic paintings on canvas. He also creates sculptures from metal and wood.  He cultivates intimate relations with the religion, popular and traditional roots of his culture. His work is filled with graphic symbols. Mevs describes the evolution of Haitian culture as “syncretism” -- an amalgam of European, African, and native Indian influences. His art is appreciated by many collectors and exhibited internationally. "Mevs' travels to the United States in the 1960s may explain his preference for lyrical abstraction." (Peintres Haitiens by Gerald Alexis). Get the Book Now! Please scroll down to browse his arts!

  • Ronald Mevs 35.5"x35.5" Untitled Acrylic on Canvas #1GN-HA

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