Collection: Sénèque Obin (Cap-Haitian, 1893-1977)

Sénèque Obin was born in Limbé in 1893 and died in 1977 in Cap-Haitien. He "was the younger brother of Philomé Obin, who guided and influenced him in his painting career. His style was strongly affected by that of his older brother. Sénèque, who joined the Centre d'Art in 1948, specialized in historical scenes. An active Mason like his old brother, Sénèque Obin often depicted Masonic ceremonies. In contrast to the other Obins, he makes use of pure color and is fond of black" (La Peinture Haitienne/Haitian Arts by Marie-José Nadal & Gérald Bloncourt, Editions Nathan. "His greater formal freedom distinguishes him from his brother Philomé Obin, and adds a poetic touch to his work."(Gerald Alexis, "Peintres Haitiens"). Get the Book Now! Please scroll down to make your selection (s).