Collection: Jacques Valbrun (Haitian, 1938-1992)

Jacques Valbrun was born in Martinique in 1938. At three years old, his family moved to Cap-Haitian, where he studied to be a Catholic brother. He decided later against the Brotherhood and attended Notre Dame and Philippe Guerrier High School. He began to paint in 1963 under the direction of painter-sculptor Jean Marques Valbrun in a surrealistic style.  He has exhibited in Haiti and abroad. Valbrun passed away in Haiti in 1992 and left behind two sons known painters: Johnny Valbrun and Reginald Valbrun. "Urban and marine landscapes are rendered in straight lines and often vivid colors," says Gérald Alexis in his book Peintres Haitiens.  Buy the Book Now!


  • Jacques Valbrun (Haitian, 1938-1992) 15"x25" Abstract Houses Acrylic on Canvas Painting #1TC

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  • Jacques Valbrun (1938-1992) 48"x48" Horses Acrylic on Hardboard #1400GN-HA

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