Collection: Grégory Vorbe (Haitian, b.1966)

Grégory Vorbe was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1966. He was trained as a graphic designer and had been painting since he was young. Gregory is captivated by traditional Haitian naive and mystical paintings. He tried to grasp and transpose the concepts drawn from a very little-explored world. His excursions into various parts of his native country allowed him to enrich his artwork and music. He explores voodoo and aboriginal rhythms, collects drums, percussion, and instruments from different cultures. Soon, he transforms his painting space into a music studio where primitive and modern instruments, masks, and found objects coexist everywhere. The artist's artistic imagination's fertility facilitates integrating different cultural traditions in his pictorial and musical works. Gregory expresses nature in abstract forms, and some of his paintings favor protecting the tree. Vorbe paints in acrylic and, occasionally, uses sand, leather, wood, paper, fabric. In the 1990s, Gregory got an award in Miami during his first international collective exhibition. "Influenced by the Caribbean Identity Movements, he mixes African and Amerindian traditions.", says Haitian art critic and author Gerald Alexis in his book Peintres Haitiens. Get the Book Now!


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