Calixte Henry (1933-2010) 20"x24" Five Boats Acrylic on Canvas Framed #1FC

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What a beautiful piece by Calixte of five boats deep in the sea to adorn your walls!

About this artist

Calixte Henry was born on January 3, 1933 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and died in 2010. He began to paint at the Art Center in 1955 with the American painter Barbara Obris. Later, he abandoned his brushes in favor of razor blades which lent heightened finesse and transparency to his painting, and later painted with a knife. In his paintings Calixte eliminates all extraneous details to produce a highly refined soberness of line. He obtains volume through the contrast tones. The rudimentary drawing is compensated by a harmony of colors whose contrasts make up its personality. Henry coaxes an infinite spectrum of vibrations from green and blue. He also worked with more pastel colors and less contrasting tones. “Henry uses a monochrome style with a preference for greens, pinks or blues.” (Sources: La Peinture Haitiennes & Peintres Haitiens)

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