Charles Obas (1927-1969) 24"x48" Nocturnal Activities 1959 Oil on Masonite Framed 28"x52" #1LV

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This stunning original painting was duly signed by late Haitian master artist Charles Obas in 1959. It's a 24"x48" framed 28"x52" oil on Canvas in good condition depicting a busy after-work day in the streets of Haiti.

About this artist

Charles Obas was born in Plaisance, in the north of Haiti in 1927. He died in 1969. Obas’ artistic career began at the Art Center in 1948, which he left two years later to found the Hall of Plastic Arts. His work is exhibited in Haiti, the United States, and South America. He won First Prize at the ONT (National Office of Tourism) Competition in 1958. While pursuing his painting career, Obas was an equally talented musician. An artist of great sensitivity, he painted canvases characterized by scenes of rain and monochromes in grey. (Biographical info from Peinture Haitienne/ Haitian Arts by Marie-José Nadal and Gérald Bloncourt, Editions Nathan, Paris 1986 and Haiti Voodoo Kingdom to Modern Riviera by John Allen Franciscus) 

His work reflects his personal and political struggle in a haunting way. They are allegories depicting the harsh realities and struggles that Haitians were living under the oppressive Duvalier regime.  Nocturnal scenes, burdened villagers, rainstorms, turbulent harbors are his most preferred subjects. His name is cited in major Haitian art books and his paintings are on permanent exhibit at Musée d’Art Nader in Haiti.

 "A defender of Social Realism, Obas’ obsession problems found expression in fluid forms unusual in his time, “ says Gerald Alexis about Obas in his book "Peintres Haitiens". Get the Book Now!

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