David Boyer 24"x20" Erzulie & Her Child 2017 Child Mixed Media on Canvas #2JH-HA

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ADD TODAY to your Haitian Art Collection this original artwork signed and dated by well-known emerging Haitian artist, David Boyer. It is a beautiful and original representation of Erzulie embracing her child, made of buttons and recuperated materials on canvas.

About this artist

David Boyer was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti in 1976. His art is from the workshop of Tibout. He started with traditional Voodoo tapestry, out of colorful sequins. In 2006, David began to explore a new form of art that set him apart from the rest of the artists: recuperation art. His new passion and style consist of unique tapestry in mixed media, often in 3-dimensional using materials like dolls, forks, buttons, usually in dark color has captivated the art world. He has exhibited in Haiti, New Mexico, Canada, France, and Cuba.

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