Dimitri Wiener (ASGARD) 10" x20" " Asgard Original Chalk Pastel on Canvas #7CWD

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Buy this 10" x 20" ASGARD abstract chalk pastel on canvas painted by the Haitian artist Dimitri Wiener, known as ASGARD. This painting is the first painted by the artist.

About this artist

Dimitri Wiener, an abstract artist, started painting in the year 2000 inspired by the death of his horse "Asgard" and strongly encouraged by his grandmother.  

His first exhibit was held in à Saint-Denis, Montréal (2004). He, thereafter, presented his paintings in Québec (2010) and old  Montréal (2011).  

"Every painting that I do, I evolve, but what happened this year, getting invited to participate in the Second Edition D’Art International Haiti, is especially significant. It is an honor to be invited and to have an opportunity to express myself through my paintings and to express what happened twelve years ago. My grandmother would be really, really proud of me today. Spiritually, she is by my side every day. And my horse will always be Asgard. He is inside me and we are linked. Even my wife encouraged me to pursue this domain. Art is something that is in my heart. 

I wish I could express what it is in my heart to the world. I want to show what I can do. The style that I have already existed. I am an abstract artist. But what I have, my expression, I want to share with everybody.... anything you think or feel in your mind if you can put it on a piece of paper with colors, expresses who you are." 

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