Emmanuel Pierrette 16"x20" Daily Life 1994 Oil on Canvas Painting #1-3-95MFN

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Emmanuel Pierrette, the Haitian artist, signed this original 16"x 20" oil on canvas of daily life in rural Cap-Haitian, his hometown. It is dated 1994 and is in good condition. It is sold unframed. 

About this artist

Emmanuel Pierrette is a Haitian-born painter from Cap-Haitian on December 21, 1960. Pierrette started to paint in primary school in 1976 to make a living. He was inspired by the Cap-Haitian artists around him, such as the Obin family, Max Gerbier, Rony Leonidas, Pierre-Louis Riché, and Jean-Baptiste Jean. In 1988, he went to ENARTS, an art school in Haiti, for a year to improve his art skills. He developed his unique style at the Cap-Haitian school while maintaining the preliminary base. He has exhibited in France, Switzerland, Asia & the USA and participated. in "La Rencontre des Deux Mondes" Exhibition in France. 

 Today, Pierrette is an engineer, architect, and economics scientist established in the USA and still painting.

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