Franck Louissaint (1949-2021) 10"x8" Life In The Ghetto 1996 Acrylic on Canvas #1MFN

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This beautiful 10"x8" artwork was created by the Haitian-born realist master late Franck Louissaint. It depicts a daily life in a ghetto of Haiti. This artwork belongs to the private collection of Myriam F. Nader. Paintings by Franck Louissaint beautifully adds to any decor!

About this artist

On October 22, 1949, Franck Louissaint was born in Aquin, Haiti, and died on February 5, 2021. Franck completed part of his studies in Port-au-Prince and began to paint independently. In 1969, he joined the Art Center and developed a hyper-realist art that he then taught at the center. He is known for his street scenes and paintings of rural life. Louissaint may be categorized as a pivot painter, having transitioned from the style of painting termed naïve to the more stripped-down painting termed modern. (Biographical Source: La Peinture Haitienne/Haitian Arts by Marie-José Gardère and Gérald Bloncourt, Editions Nathan, Paris, 1986) “Highly motivated, Louissaint broke with the so-called primitive style to achieve an extraordinary degree of realism,” says art critic Gérald Alexis in his book Peintres Haitiens.