Frantz Zephirin 42.5"x32.5" La Descente des Dieux 2022 Oil On Wood Hand-painted Frame Painting #8JN-HA

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"La Descente des Dieux" or The gods' descent, is an original painting signed by the well-acclaimed Haitian painter Frantz Zephirin from Cap-Haitian, Haiti. This painting is signed by Zephirin in the lower left and inscribed below the signature "V268093552". It is a 42".5"x32.5", titled the "La Descente des Dieux" in the back with the inscription. The borders of the picture are hand-painted by the artist.

About this artist

Frantz Zephirin started painting in 1973 with the Haitian master Antoine OBIN. He quickly broke away from the styled school of Cap Haitian artists and began to work in a highly original style. Starting with themes from the Bible and current events, his paintings soon reflected the delirium of his powerful, devastating imagination. Zephirin frequently uses animals painted in brilliant, sharply contrasting colors to speak out frankly. His highly creative style, which deals with politics, and social and voodoo subjects, soon captured Haiti's art world's attention, and his career quickly took off. Zephirin's work is characterized by intense colors, intricate patterns, and tightly surrounded compositions. He is highly productive, his imagination is compelling, and his social criticism is disturbing. Presently Zephirin's work is recognizable by human figures with animals heads-representing his deep contempt for the commanding body. His art has been featured in art museums and galleries around the world. Since the earthquake, Zephirin has been featured in stories in the New York Times, Le Monde, the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Times of London, the Guardian, and the BBC. His art has been showcased in Haiti Art Naif: Memories of Paradise at the art center Denkmalschmiede Hofgen in Germany. 

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