Georges Liautaud (Haitian, 1899-1992) 13"X20" THE PEACOCK Metal Sculpture #1GN-HA

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This is an original metal sculpture created by the late Haitian sculptor Georges Liautaud. It is an excellent condition.

About this artist

Georges Liautaud was born in Croix Des Bouquets in 1899. He is a blacksmith, which undoubtedly explains the choice of iron as his medium of expression. Dewitt Peters discovered him in 1953 through the crosses he had made, which grace the cemetery of his home town and bear a great resemblance to “Vévés.” His artistic career began when he delivered his first sculpture to the Art Center.

 A kind and intelligent man, Liautaud accepts his international reputation simply and philosophically. He has never left his blacksmith’s shop in his native village, where visitors to his home are welcomed in his kind and smiling manner.

 His work, renowned and sought after throughout the world, including European and American museums, makes him without question Haiti’s greatest sculptor in tin and wrought iron. He believes his talent to be a gift of God. His creations vary from the abstract to the figurative. Steeped in Voodoo traditions, Liautaud creates mermaids, devils, fantastical animals and the traditional deities. (La Peinture Haitienne/ Haitian Arts by Marie-José Nadal and Gérald Bloncourt, Editions Nathan, Paris, 1986, pp. 71)

 Liautaud’s works have been exhibited internationally in places such as the Grand Palais, the Centre Pompidou, the Abbaye de Daoulas, the Fowler Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the Frost Museum, the Bass Museum, the Halle Saint-Pierre and the Musée de Montparnasse. His work is part of the permanent collections at the MoMA in New York, the Milwaukee Art Museum, the Davenport Museum, the Waterloo Museum, the Huntington Museum of Art, the Figge Art Museum, the Fond national d’art contemporain de France, the Musée National d’Art Moderne de Paris, the Musée de l’OEA, Le Centre d’Art, the Musée d’Art Haïtien du Collège Saint-Pierre and the Musée de Panthéon National Haïtien.