Jacques-Enguerrand Gourgue (1930-1996) 38"x18" The Forbidden Fruit 1994 Oil on Canvas Painting #1MFN-Private Collection of Myriam F. Nader

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This original 38"x18" oil on canvas painting was signed by the late famous painter Jacques Enguerrand Gourgue. It is in good condition and sold framed from the private collection of Myriam F. Nader, who purchased it directly from the artist while alive in 1994.  Jacques-Enguerrand (J.E) Gourgue was a painter of daily life and Vodou rituals in rural Haiti, whose work often included Surrealism and folk art elements.  His father was a French psychiatrist, and his mother was said to be a Mambo, a Vodou priestess. His work combined European styles- including the influence of Pablo Picasso- with Caribbean themes and subjects. His work included a mural composed for the Seville Expo 1992, and his artwork is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Vero Beach Museum Museum of Art, Florida. (source: Surrealism and Us Caribbean and African Diasporic Artists since 1940,  by Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth, DelMonico Books, D.A.P.  New York, 2024, pp.195)

About this artist

"Gourgue's determination enabled him to become a master of Expressionism through his drawing, light, and color effect" ( Peintres Haitiens, Gerald Alexis). Get the Book Now!

"Gourgue's work reflects an anguished man's sense of the tragic." ( Peinture Haitienne). 

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