Lafortune Felix (Haitian, 1933-2016) 32"x22.50" AVADRA GRAN CHEMIN 1990 Oil on Masonite Painting-Unframed #1NP

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This is an original 32"x22.50" painting on board by the late famous master painter Lafortune Felix. It depicts a squatting man, shirtless, smoking a pipe next to a coffin with a cross. It is titled in the back, signed "Lafortune Felix St Marc 90" in the lower right corner. It is sold unframed and in good condition. The provenance is a private art collector in the United States.

About this artist

Lafortune Felix was born in 1933 in Pond Sonde in Haiti. He lived in St. Marc, where he was a farmer and formally a voodoo priest. The wall paintings that decorated his temple drew Pierre Monosiet's attention, the late curator of the College Saint Pierre, Museum of Haitian Art. The artist began painting on masonite in 1972. Felix's inspiration came from his knowledge of the supernatural. Felix passed away silently in December 2016.