Luckner Lazard (Haitian, 1928-1998) 24"x32" Fishermen on Boats 1992 Oil on Canvas Painting #1TC

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This 24"x32 original oil on canvas was painted by the late famous Haitian master Luckner Lazard. It depicts fishermen on boats on a bluish background. It is in good condition, signed in the lower right corner, and dated 1992. It belongs to a private collector in Florida, USA.

About this artist

The late famous Painter and sculptor Luckner Lazard or Lucner Lazard was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on July 7, 1928, and died on May 15, 1998. Lazard studied for five years at the Centre d'Art before receiving a scholarship in 1951 to study in Paris, France. In 1956, he founded the Brochette Gallery in Haiti and settled in the United States. Lazard's works have been exhibited in Europe, the Caribbean, North America, and Brazil. Some of the galleries he has displayed at are the French Institute in Mexico and, in 1976, the Paul Robeson Multimedia Center in Washington, D.C. "Against a peculiar and highly personal blue background, Lazard draws arabesque inspired by forms occurring in Haitian life," says art critic and author, Gerald Alexis in his book Here!