Lyonel Laurenceau 10"x8" Two Faces 1984 Acrylic on Canvas Framed Painting #1MA

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This beautiful original 10"x 8" acrylic on canvas painting features the portrait of a little girl with her mirror on top. This painting is signed and dated 84 on the lower right corner by the famous contemporary Haitian master Lyonel Laurenceau and is in good condition. It is sold with a frame and liner made by the renowned framer Girault in Haiti. Framed painting is 12X10"

About this artist

Lyonel Laurenceau (born 1942) is a Haitian painter. Laurenceau studied in Haiti, the US, and France and created paintings inspired by the human character. He won first prize at the New York City World's Fair in 1966. He later moved to Montreal (Canada), where he was made an honorary citizen of Montreal.

His work adheres to the contemporary undercurrents of Symbolic Expressionism. It continues to shape its era and ranks among the most sought-after by art collectors.

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