Murat Brierre (1938-1988) 50"x6" Black Mermaid on Metal #2JN-HA

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Add to your collection this beautiful vintage sculpture of a black mermaid nude signed by one of Haiti's most famous late sculptors, Murat Brierre. It is Sold As-Is.

About this artist

Murat Brierre joined the Art Center in 1957. He was one of Haiti’s most prominent metal sculptors. Georges Liautaud influenced him, but his work acquired his style. His sculptured subjects reflected both Christian and Haitian voodoo themes, which were mostly female nudes, embracing couples, devils, mermaids, and birds. Brierre exhibited in the United States, Mexico, and Jamaica. The National Pantheon of Haiti displays his sculptures, and his name cited in many Haitian art books.  

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