Onel (Lionel Paul) 28"x20" Spirit/Loa 1998  Mixed Media #1MFN

Onel (Lionel Paul) 28"x20" Spirit/Loa 1998 Mixed Media #1MFN

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Buy today this authentic painting duly signed by Haitian artist, Onel born Lionel Paul, from the " New Saint Soleil " painter movement. 

ONEL, (Lionel Paul) was born on March 2, 1966 in Soissons la Montagne. He belongs to the younger generation of the movement called “The New Saint Soleil.” At 6 years old, he attended an art school run by Exil Levoy's wife, Lucienne Fermathe Simeus. The school was supported by Tiga Art Materials and Maud Robart. In 1973, ONEL became an apprentice in the workshop of Exile Levoy. In 1989, under the leadership of Tiga, ONEL moved towards recycling textile art that expanded with the use of sawdust and gluing objects. ONEL is one of the few painters who stand out from traditional modes of figurative Saint-Soleil movement painters to provide innovative figural forms. A work of ONEL is illustrated on the cover of issue 205 of the magazine devoted to conjunction, New St. Sun.

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