Jean-Leon Laurenceau 24"x20" Rural Scene Oil on Canvas #2-2-95MFN

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Add to your Haitian art collection this original painting signed by the Haitian artist, Jean-Leon Laurenceau. This painting is a 24"x20 depicting a typical rural scene in Haiti. It is an oil on Canvas, dated in the '80s.

About this artist

Jean Leon Laurenceau was born on January 3, 1950, in Croix -des-Missions, Haiti. He is a self-taught artist who started to paint in 1974 in the primitive style. His art is mentioned in Haitian art books such as Haiti Voodoo Kingdom to Modern Riviera by John Allen Franciscus, and Haitian painting by Eva Pataki. Do you want to know more about Haitian art? Get your Haitian art book on this site in the section of "Haitian Art Books and more" now! Enjoy it!