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Jean-Claude Legagneur 24"x20" The Lady With Flower Hat Acrylic on Canvas #J28-HA

Jean-Claude Legagneur 24"x20" The Lady With Flower Hat Acrylic on Canvas #J28-HA

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This original painting was duly signed by the famous Haitian master painter Jean Claude Legagneur. This beautiful artwork depicts the portrait of a Lady from Haiti. It is an acrylic canvas painting sized 24"x20".

About this artist

Jean-Claude Legagneur is a famous figurative master painter from Haiti. His self-developed style combines a nuance of Impressionism, Pop Art, and Abstractionism. He painted the American Airlines Mural at JFK Airport and was the featured Haitian artist at Art Basel Miami 2013. “Legagneur’s subtle painting displays a remarkable sense of color” (Gerald Alexis, art critic). His suggested relation between shade and light, the technique of distribution of colors, and the deterioration of the nuances confer to his canvases sweetness, harmony, serenity, and especially an elegance that recalls the big classics. His apparent preferred human figurative style does not limit him. Lately, he has developed a new production of oversized portraits that capture human expressions at their best. 

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