Benson Myrtil 24"x30" 2013 Cows In The Savanna Acrylic on Canvas#5C

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Buy today this authentic painting duly signed by Haitian artist Benson Myrtil. It depicts four cows in a savanna . It is an Acrylic on canvas painted in 2013.

About this artist

Benson Myrtil was born on January 1965, in Petite Rivière de l'Artibonnite, Haiti. At age of seven, he started to be interested in art, using crayons to draw everything that caught his attention. At age of 16, he moved to Port-au-Prince to continue his education at the Juvenat College Sacré-Coeur. After his graduation, he had the opportunity to practice his painting with the renowned painters from the Artibonite School such as Ismael Saincilus, Michel-Ange Altidort, and Carlo Jean- Baptiste. Myrtil’s is an artistic interpreter of nature scenes styles. He adopts various conventional techniques to turn an image into a landscape or a still life into romantic touch. He draws his inspiration from a great reservoir of images from is childhood and his travels. In 2002, he moved to New York then Pennsylvania, USA. His art has been exhibited mainly in Haiti, France, Belgium, Martinique, Africa, Canada and the US. Benson Myrtil paints vivid paintings of flora and fauna. His art won twice the Judge's award at the Lititz Outdoor Art Show.

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