Philippe Dodard 24"x18" NOUS SOMMES ENSEMBLE 2021 Ink and Acrylic on Arches Paper #11JN-HA

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Romantism is the art of Philippe Dodard! "Nous Sommes Ensemble", We Are Together is a beautiful black and white ink and acrylic on arches paper of a couple together painted by the contemporary master painter Philippe Dodard from Haiti. 

This original piece is dated 2021 is sold unframed and is in excellent condition.

"A graphic artist, Dodard depicts angular subjects which he fits into a space without perspective" says art critic Gerald Alexis in his book "Peintres Haitiens" Get the Book Now!

About this artist

Dodard is a famous Haitian graphic artist and painter. Born in Port-au-Prince in 1954, he worked as an advertising illustrator. His works have been exhibited throughout Europe and the Americas. He received the first prize in drawing at the Junior Seminary of St-Martial's College in 1966. He studied at the PotoMitan Art School with Jean-Claude "Tiga" Garoute, Patrick Vilaire and Frido Casimir. In 1973, he entered the Academy of Fine Arts. Then he worked as layout artist and founded a studio of audiovisual graphic arts. In 1978, he received a scholarship to the International School in Bordeaux, France, enabling him to specialize in Pedagogic Graphic Design. Two years later he received a scholarship from the Rotary International Foundation and left on tour with the Group Study Exchange of Haiti to give conferences on Haitian culture. His artwork has evolved to include large sculptures, fine iron works and fine jewelry design. His paintings have inspired American fashion designer Donna Karan's 2012 Spring collection and a joint exhibition with her at Museum of Contemporary Art, North Miami in Miami, Florida. (Wikipedia)

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