Philippe Dodard 30"x48" Trapped in the Dark 2010 Acrylic on Canvas #2-CD

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"Trapped is the Dark" was completed post-earthquake. This painting was published in the Smithsonian Magazine: In Haiti, The Art of resilience, 2010. It is an abstract composition in monochromatic black and white with shadowy imagery depicting the suggestion of half of a face with large eye, overlapping thick lines; the contrasting back and black having a dramatic effect.

"The Earthquake" Collection is a series of five paintings created by one of the most celebrated Haitian contemporary artist, Philippe Dodard. The works are typical of the artist's oeuvre of Expressionist compositions that make political and social implications; hieroglyphics with hidden meanings; in this case the earthquake that devastated Haiti. The artist's use of great color intensity magnifies the emotion.

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Haitian contemporary artist Philippe Dodard