Raymond Callebaut 20"x14" Romance 1977 Drawing On Paper #25-3-96GSN-Fondation Marie & Georges S. Nader

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The late Belgian artist Raymond Callebaut signed this original 20"x 14" ink drawing on paper, dated 77. It is in good condition. The art critic Gerald Alexis carefully chose it for the Marie & Georges S. Nader Foundation collection. Upon purchase, our gallery will provide a certificate of authenticity.

About this artist

Raymond Callebaut was born in 1932 in Antwerp, Belgium. He studied for 7 years at The Royal Academy of Fine Art in Mechelen, Belgium, each year winning 1st prize. The following 5 years he spent at The National Institute of Fine Art in Antwerp under the directorship of the world-renowned painter Baron Isodor Opsomer and Professor Miss Zarina, originally from Riga. The city of Antwerp gave him a grant to further his studies in Italy. After returning home, The Round Table of Belgium supported him for a year, studying various famous art centers throughout France. Since then, Mr. Callebaut has traveled extensively in Europe and North America, painting and exhibiting in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Haiti, and the USA before finally sitting in Toronto, Canada. Callebaut had a studio in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in the 1980s. His paintings were sold at Galerie Nader at the time. One can still admire his works there. A few of his artworks have been sold at auctions, and a select few galleries still have a few of his works for sale. He died many years ago, but there is no proven document on the exact date and place of his death.