Raymond Malval 24"x36" La Siesta c1965 Oil on Canvas #1LS-NY

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Raymond Malval! What a rare and vibrant huge piece from the renowned Haitian artist before the 1970s to add to your art collection!

About this artist

Raymond Malval was born in Port-au-Prince in 1932. He studied at the College of St. Martial at Hall and continued until the third grade in elementary school. He showed an interest in drawing at a very early age. He won first prize at the Seminary. He loved to spend his time at the Studio of the well-known artist, Mr. Galiano. His neighbor, the famous Cuban-Haitian painter Xavier Amiama, introduced him to painting in 1954 and painted mainly in watercolors. He mastered his craft under the guidance of Amiama, who registered him at the Art Center, where he stayed a year and a half.

 In 1958, his father advised him to change his interests, so he dropped the brushes momentarily and took topography. In 1965 he decided to return to painting. He worked at home and sold his canvass in the town's stores and galleries. He was attracted to the new and studied the works of the futurists whose work he admired. His paintings are bright and exciting. His art is scarce and mentioned in the book "Haiti Voodoo Kingdom to Modern Riviera" by John Allen Franciscus, pp 79. 

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