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Rolande Magloire 30"x40" The Musical Instruments 2021 Oil on Canvas #6RM

Rolande Magloire 30"x40" The Musical Instruments 2021 Oil on Canvas #6RM

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This is an original painting signed by the renowned Haitian-American artist Rolande Magloire.

About this artist

Rolande Magloire was born in Haiti and has been living in Rockland County for more than three decades.  She studied Arts at the "Art Student League" in New York, and at "Rockland Center for the Arts."  Rolande works with oil on canvas and continues to draw inspirations from libraries and museums by learning from the masters.  Ms. Magloire received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from Dominican College in Blauvelt.  She also completed two Masters of Science Degrees in education at Long Island University in Blauvelt, New York.  She subsequently earned her New York State Teaching License.  She explains that she takes great satisfaction in being able to motivate her students and offers encouragement and inspiration to the students at the elementary school she teaches. The artist thinks that knowledge is the noblest of the human possessions. “Laissez-faire” is an attitude that allows her inspirations to travel throughout her emotions in order to craft the achievement of the artwork. Her relentless pursuit of discernment and understanding is an obligation on her part to serve humanity.
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