Rudolph Jean-Louis 23"x29" 2020 Zwolfart5 Acrylic and Spray Paint On Wood #5

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This blue, black, white, and green framed artwork of geometrical shapes is painted by the Haitian- American painter Rudolph Jean-Louis.

About this artist

Some artists are born. Some are taught. Others take a life experience, and it becomes their art. Rudolph Jean-Louis embodies a bit of all three as a world observer, photographer, geometrical artist. Jean-Louis was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, in 1971. At the age of three, his parents sent him from Haiti to the US, where he lived with his aunt in Harlem, New York. "My love for drawing began at a young age." He joined the US Marines Corps at 17, and then deployed to Iraq. When possible, he chronicled the culture, the children, and the scenery surrounding him while in Desert Storm. He knows all too well about battles. While on dialysis and before receiving a kidney transplant, Jean-Louis started working as an artist and developed an abstract geometrical style. Today, Jean-Louis has shown his work mostly in Miami in participating in two Art Basel shows and quite a few first Friday in the Wynwood Art District in Miami and some smaller venues. Jean-Louis' style is continually evolving. Here at Myriam Nader Haitian Art Gallery, we are proud to showcase Rudolph's art online!

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